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Fashion Film Festival (En)


International Festival of short films about fashion

In the period of May 15 - August 15, 2015 you can create

 and provide short film for participation in the festival

     Theme of the Festival: Film your favorite designer of clothes, shoes, interior, furniture, architecture designer, somebody having fashionable profession, trendy gadget or car.

     Tell us about the tough destiny of fashionable shoes, life of grandmother's buttons. Create a story of literary fashion trend, fashionable profession or character with nonstandard beliefs, romantic story about favorite tie, rental wedding dress or jeans that saw a lot for their "warranty period".

     Tell us about the journey that has a trendy tourist route, format or direction, about unforgettable perfume that instantly turned the life, about a good or bad haircut, about adventure in the beauty salon or gym. Tell us about "fashionable" doctors, amazing cosmetics, fashion family values, romantic transformation.

     Film actors, musicians, singers, athletes, which are or have just become fashionable, in your opinion.

    Pay attention of the public to something trendy and beautiful that you care about and get to know, perhaps millions of people care about this too? Create fashion on the big screen in the way people believe you.

     The motto of the festival:  "Honorable mission of fashionable cinema is to change the world for better"

     The purpose of the festival:

     Highlighting of questions of present interest in the segment of fashion, new creative ideas and solutions, forming tendencies and trends by analyzing the opinions of viewers.

     Participants of the festival:

    Professionals and amateurs are invited to participate in the festival. Anyone, being fan or author of fashionable ideas, may open and realize his/her creative potential.

     The festival jury:

    Chairman of the Jury «Fashion Film Festival» is Serge Rakhlin Chairman of the Foreign Film Committee of Hollywood Foreign Press Association «Golden Globes Award». Full jury will be announced at the end of the qualifying round during a month.


 • Reel of film are accepted in MPG 4 format Code H264, those that had not been previously shown on the big screen and not been placed on the Internet.

 • Participants should make a short film, insert titles*, upload to server and send a link with the completed application form to the address: es.i@i.ua

Application Form is sent under request.

 * Movies created in Ukrainian or in Russian should be titrated in English.

 * Movies created in English should be titrated in Ukrainian or in Russian.

* Movies created in other language should have dual titration Ukrainian or Russian, to the choice of the author, and in English.

 • Films with political-propaganda, pornographic, incitement of ethnic hatred, humiliation of human dignity content, anti-cultural and anti-social propaganda are not accepted.

     The author or owner of copyright is considered the person who sent the request to participation in a festival, filled the application form and provided the original tapes, according to the parameters prescribed in the application. If there are claims to authorship from third parties, according to the current legislation of Ukraine, the Festival has the right to deny participation in the film festival, cancel medal place, deprive rights for prizes.


 Short films are accepted in four categories:

 Fiction Film (duration 3-15 min.)

Documentary (duration 3-10 min.)

Animation Short (duration 3-15 min.)

 dvertising promotion video (duration 30 sec - 2 min.)


 The festival will take place in two stages:

1. Preliminary round from May 15 to August 15, 2015

2. Competitive tour from August 15 to October 15, 2015

     The idea of the festival:

    The author of idea and founder of «Fashion Film Festival» is Ukrainian editing office of the magazine «EXCLUSIVEstyle»


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