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Interview with Anzhelika Dolzhenko - organizer of Fashion Film Festival

When I was looking for fashion festivals, fashion short films on Internet, my result was very...

Interview with Anzhelika Dolzhenko - organizer of Fashion Film Festival


     When I was looking for fashion festivals, fashion short films on Internet, my result was very poor. All that I found was Diane Pernet`s festival, founded in 2008 -  «A Shaded View on Fashion Film» (ASVOFF).

     It was 7th times that it took place. Hope 2015 won`t be an exception, because due to this festival we can see really interesting and decent works. But are there many people among you that heard about it? As for me, I am aware not from the begining of its existing.

     And now, imagime how I was surprised having known that Fashion Film Festival starts in Ukraine. Organizer is the magazine EXCLUSIVE STYLE, During the period from 15th of May till 15th of August you can (and should) send your short film to e-mail es.i@i.ua. More information and all conditions you may  read here.

     I couldn`t ignore such an event and contacted with Anzhelika Dolzhenko - editor-in-chief of the magazine EXCLUSIVE STYLE and main organizer of FFF. Dare to suppose that Anzhelika will answer all questions of everyone who wants take part in the contest. So here is Anzhelika`s Facebook page. She agreed to answer my questions about such an event (there were a lot of questions))). So, read, have a pleasure and don`t forget to participate. It doesn`t matter where you live. The art doesn`t have geographical limits, religion and politics.



1. Tell us about the idea of organizing such a festival. Is this for the first time? I just have not heard of anything like this in Ukraine, especially concerning fashion.


That's right, for the first time in Ukraine and in the world, it seems, too. My small online monitoring has not given positive results, although this wouldn`t affect the desire and the decision to establish the festival here in Ukraine.


2. What inspired you to organize FFF (perhaps some foreign films, festivals, etc)? And maybe there is no foreign component, but some Ukrainian experience, travel, dating?


The idea is on the surface - "in the air." Fashion manages most aspects of our lives on a conscious and subconscious level. Trying to deny this axiom looks like loss of reality. We should not associate fashion only with clothes, shoes and accessories, it is completely unfair to the many other priorities, hobbies, spiritual and material needs of our being.


3. Why exactly film festival?


I was looking for the content and its absence on the surface gave birth to such a jungle ... J Intelligent, fashionable audience wants to read, and there should be someone writing  all it ... What should we write, what about, and, most importantly HOW??? I faced this problem, put on my thinking cap, I realized that the answer should be sought independently. When at least a couple dozen of the materials is written about shows, collections, fashion defiles and trends, you see that all words turn into a hackneyed phrases. Despite the considerable amount of knowledge, epithets run out, and things should be called by their names. Sentences loose new and interesting element after multiple paraphrasing, and so-called "creativity" may be used in organizing workshops and trainings on writing template articles about fashion. Designers do not leave a large range of opportunities for improvisation, so I "hang up" ... There is a need to look at fashion as an opportunity of personal fulfilment and realization of potential of society as a whole, and this need led to the  idea of a film festival. This is not pathos, I really think so. Cinema is accessible format, it is convenient, in my opinion, for the sublimation of different fashion manifestations.


4. Do you want to promote "fashion for the people" through the movie? Do you consider film as a fashionable phenomenon?


Undoubtedly, cinema is gaining momentum, it is fashionable and I'm not original in this assertion. Popularization is rather a consequence. The primary objective of the festival is self-expression on the screen and the learning the viewer: to show, to understand, to comprehend. The bottom line is that fashion is a lion's share of culture, you know that culture determines the dynamics of the society, its development or degradation. Spiritual values form a prism through which each individual and society as a whole are formed. I think that any war is a spiritual confrontation of points of view, although, at first sight, it doesn`t seem like this, in fact ones fire from the real mechanisms and take from material values? However, the process led by the spiritual values, put by cultural potential or anti cultural, so to speak.


5. You break my views on the catwalks, parties, glamor and all that, do you want to break it all?


The problem is that society as a whole and fashion, as a segment of values are separated. Fashion is treated as a format for the elite, it is unfair misleading. The only difference is in the manifestations and material possibilities. And there are few exceptions. It may be otherwise and it should be otherwise, if we generate spiritual values in a right way.


6. What about the podium?


And the podium, its benefits and real problems can be subject of a film. Podium initially is the product of self-organization with the right appointment. Born by needs of the Fashion House "Coco Chanel", format of defiles has survived many ups, transformations and accents in the priorities. Now the philosophy of the podium, in certain cases, degrades and we should not just talk about this, we need to cry. It is very "fat" theme for short films, isn`t it?


7. Do you expect criticism in these films?


I expect sincere self-expression. Is this a criticism or a great idea of building the economy - the author decides.


8. Do you think someone will shoot the story about the economy?


Subject is actual, so it is possible. Culture determines the economy of the country, fashion can make the country's economy. Through the festival we will know, who cares about culture, and what should we do further.


9. Who, as you think, will take part in the festival?

Basically, I see students, youth, young studio, creative professionals. You understand that not creative professionals won`t be able to make a film about fashion. The motto is everyone becomes creative ... J


10. You announced FFF as international festival, will there be participants from other countries?


I hope so. We spread information about the festival in social networks and on the resources available to us. Taking this opportunity, I ask all conscious readers to expand information field, to make announces on their resources.


11. What are the conditions of participation? Is there participation fee?

There is no fee. The most important things are content and high-quality image in the declared format. Now, you can get a high-quality image even using phone camera. Find the program on the Internet to titrate the film and thus bring your message from the big screen to viewers around the world. Of course, in the category of commercials we hope to see more professional product.


12. What kind of work do you expect to get? (For example, I am sooo interested in FFF. But I am a little bit afraid that many people want to show up, so to speak, Glamour toujours and how it is nice to be fashionable and stylish (I say this because sometimes I read some bloggers and I see endless boasting, demonstration of the clothes and trends). Hence this question. And what are you missing in the fashion world so it ceased to be entertainment, not serious work, as many people think, etc.?


I am ready for anything. That's the point. The main task is a self-formation of trends. I'm waiting for a completely exclusive analytics.


13. How will you select the winners? (Who will be members of the jury that will determine the winners, who would you like to invite to be a member of the jury?)


Preference will be given to professionals. The organizing committee of the festival invites both amateurs and professionals, therefore, the jury should be professional. We are currently developing a project - the possibility of organizing audience vote in all categories. I think it will be correct, true, at least.

The head of the jury Sergei Rakhlin - Chairman of the Committee of Foreign movies of Hollywood Foreign Press Association that gives the prestigious award "Golden Globe".

Two months ago, the organizing committee have asked Sergei Rakhlin to become the head of the jury. We negotiated and obtained the consent of the master. Sergei Rakhlin is a journalist and film critic with 30 years experience, writing about a Hollywood movies. I knew before that Sergei was member of the jury of film festivals around the world unlimited number of times. The full jury will be announced after the end of the 1st round (qualifying), after the 15th of August.


14. What advantages the participants will have? (Probably the winners will be able to take part in other festivals, or will be able to work with brands? Which prizes winners will receive?)


Participant of the festival is a potential pretender for the title of opinion leader, and it's not just ambition, this is serious. Concerning prizes, there is no concrete solutions for the moment. The project is a pilot one and we're going through a minefield. It is difficult to say now what ideas will emerge correct, and what opportunities may arise. Everything will be clear after submission of works. It is necessary to indicate their level and relevance.


15. Concerning sponsorship, is there some problem? And is it easy today to find sponsors for such events?


I believe it is too early to say. We will receive films, will analyze the situation and identify the sponsors. At the initial stage we cope on our own.


16. What are the Ukrainian brands you wish to work with under the FFF? Maybe even a question not only about brands / designers, but about bloggers, artists and so on?


We will work with those who want to participate in the FFF, who are interested in it. This is the main criterion. Of course, we will invite the best from those who want to.



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